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hi all,

I'm not sure where this question should go so apologies in advance!

for background clarity, I am new to css. I have done a brief intro course so I get the basic concept but apart from that, I am a complete beginner/idiot. I am making a wordpress site for my ecommerce business with a theme that I have paid for.

The theme is Shopkeeper and seems adequate enough to suit my needs whilst I'm just starting.

I have edited a few bits of CSS and had deep joy that I actually achieved things (very basic, changing H1 settings etc, but hey, everyone needs to start somewhere!)

However, there seems to be a really annoying "glitch" in this theme - I put glitch in quotes because I know it is not a glitch, I know it is just coding that I am yet to understand.

The theme comes with a pre-set navigation bar the top (pretty standard) and also gives you the option to have a little shopping cart like most online shops.

However, something weird happens - if you mouse OVER the navigation bar, the shopping cart icon JUMPS rather dramatically to the left.

I had a quick google but am at a loss because I'm not sure what I'm actually asking about - what part of the code is doing this? I've "inspected element" on both the nav bar and the shopping cart symbol but cannot work it out (this was my tactic before, inspecting element, "oh it says h1 is size 40, I'll change that in the custom code and see what happens" etc)

The only way I've been able to stop it is making the logo that fits in to the pre-set "logo upload" section of the really, really wide. However, even when I do that, it then makes the page so, so ugly when I minimize the browser window, and even when it's maximized, the shopping cart still "jiggles" up and down when you mouse over the nav bar, basically like it's still trying to do whatever it was doing before, except it's jamming up against the huge logo.

Basically I'm confused, but also willing to accept I won't get this website exactly how I see it in my mind to begin with. However this is just rubbish looking, distracting, unprofessional, and not something I am willing to tolerate despite being realistic about a lot of other elements/things not being exactly what I want!

please may someone help and/or move this thread to the correct place if I've put it in the wrong place?

Also, if you need to see code etc please let me know. my website is

So sorry in advance, and also please keep it very simple, I am (barely) self taught and am struggling a tad!