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I need to make a website for my webdesign-class and it is due tomorrow...
I just realized that there are a few problems...
I can ignore one of them, but i want to solve this:

on a few of my pages the Header is about 5-10 pixels left than it should be or than on the other sites.
I have read the code multiple times, searched for anything that might influence that, but i have found nothing that could have to do with it, especially because it doesn't seem to influence all of them... only about half of the pages have the header not where it should be...

This is the link to the page, i only uploaded index and the pictures-page (i can upload the rest if i need to...)

can anybody please help me? if not i would just ignore it and hope that my teacher doesnt notice...

i know that the code should have some... improvements... i am sorry for that...