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Hello all,

I'm new to this forum, but I figured if anyone could help me out, it'd be here.

My site:

As you can see, I'm getting a horrible alignment problem in the header of my page. It seems that my are falling out of line when I incorporate the menu. I was trying to propagate a template that I found, but it keeps throwing everything out of whack. Not only that, but in IE everything goes to hell, especially my header (css sprite). Sad

You'll also notice that I'm getting some odd light blue blocking behind my content section after the header images. I have no idea why they're there and where that color comes from (#d8e9ec) because I've searched all over my code and cannot find a single instance of it. Its also sitting behind my feature slider toggles, and its driving me bonkers! These images are all PNGs which I'm not sure if it makes a difference, but I'm also getting my footer wrapper chopped off at the bottom as well.

I know this is a big stretch to ask, but I totally stripped this template of all of my issues at this address just to see how the original template stood up, and also looks like crap in IE:

Please advise.

The stylesheet can be foud here:

Thanks for all your help!