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Hello everyone!

So, well, I'm not a web developer, but a desktop developer, so I have no experience with CSS coding. I got this job from a friend who wanted me to edit his website with a new layout, which I did, but I'm having a problem with my header file, which appears to be like 15px more to the right than it's supposed to.

The thing is that I cannot put the link to the website here yet because it's not finished (I'm not authorized to). So I'd be really glad if anyone could help me in "private" like in msn or something. It's a simple thing, I just can't seem to fix it.

Well, if anyone is willing to, I'll leave my msn.

P.S: You can see in the image I attached how the white line from the site's body cuts my navigation bar and pushes my header a little more to the right. That is my main problem.

Thanks in advance!
Take care, fellas!

The header was supposed to be exactly in the middle, where it's both right and left sides would get in touch with the black background. Also, my navigation bar should be totally over the white bars. It has 900px width, the exact body width.250.41 KB