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Apologies All, I realise this may be the wrong thread but I'm a .NET developer who trusted someone who claimed to be able to work with Wordpress to be disappointed. I now badly need advice on Wordpress but figured I'd ask here what forums you use if/when you ever need Wordpress help? It would be of a great help.

Sadly it's not a styling issue (I think) as it comes down to requiring a third tier post structure... Currently it lists Clients and their projects, but if a client has multiple projects it just lists the client multiple times for each project. What I'd like is a middle page. I can't believe Wordpress natively does not cater for this, am I mad? I'm told it doesn't. Don't know, losing the will to live right now.

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There are many many people

There are many many people who claim to be WP developer, finding ones that are can be tricky.

I'm a WP & BuddyPress developer ! You need to approach developers that have a rputation, and avoid any of those freelance sites as most of the cruft hang out there.

The best place for WP advice & advice - in fact one damned fine support site in general - is:
http://stackoverflow.com/ and it's many related professional question/answer sites e.g:

You get serious answers to questions, that you will never get on WP support, many high level WP core developers and other professional developers provide help there.

You will of course need to be able to formulate a good question though, so have an understanding of what's wrong and provide clear detail on the code you have.

By sounds of things you are talking about Custom Post Types, these are not necessarily the easiest thing to code & understand. As to your question it all depends on what metadata has been set up & available and what queries are being run against this CPT, anything is possible with WP but it's a blog so extending it does require knowing the API inside out and of how to build classes and queries, deal with metaboxes, post_saves etc etc.

It may also just be a case of employing an already existing plugin to bridge a gap, fill a need; maybe something like 'People to Post' but speculating as have no knowledge of what your working with.

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