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Hello all, strange little question here....I have a 48x48px .gif
that is being put into my css layout via the div tag. I did this successfully
a couple of days ago, butt changed the layout of that particular layout and
removed the .gif, as I decided to put it in a new and separate css layout,
on a new html doc.

Problem - when I insert the .gif into it's own div, which is inside a wrapper
div, which has a width of 400px, it now stretches my little .gif to 400px, even if
I do not give the container div for the gif any dimensions. When I DO give the containing
div for the gif dimensions, say...it's own size 48x48px, it still displays the
gif at 400px wide. Im stumped, I don't know why it worked perfectly on the last page,
and I wish it were live so I could show you, but it's only local atm and actually just
a re-direct page for out network controllers.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi babar104, It looks like

Hi babar104,
It looks like you are inserting the image as a background.
You can either set the dimensions of the div it is in to 48 X 48 pixels or see Background size