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Hi guys, I need your help to solve my problem..

Look, I have a tiny .gif image which I set as background to separate every news topic I write. The code goes like this :

<td colspan="3" background="list_back.gif">

But unfortunately, I found out that two browsers preview it different each other, where Internet Explorer preview it nicely and Mozilla Firefox does bad Sad

If you want to test the image background, download here

Any CSS code to manage Firefox to preview as good as IE? Thank for your help!

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It will be something to do

It will be something to do with the fact that in reality you are letting that tiny gif 1px x 4px repeat across the entire background of the element, visually it looks as though firefox is simply allowing us to see another line of the repeated gif. Try setting the background to only repeat on the x-axis and at the bottom of the element, more than this we'll need to see code and / or a link!

Oh and presentational attributes are out please use the correct method of applying styles through CSS.

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