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Hi All,

The older members here will remember me as someone who used to contribute regularly. The rest, I'm John and I attribute this site in large part to where I am today and my skill set. To cut a long story short, many years ago I was in the most boring job I'd ever had and all sites of any entertainment value were blocked by the company. As such I spent my time day by day reading 'Beginning CSS Web Development: From Novice to Professional' (Simon Collison) and spending my time here first reading the threads then eventually when I got it, answering and assisting also.

These days (6 years later I might add), I now run a Frontend development team. We're a small but successful company in the heart of London. Don't worry, I'm not about to launch in to a sales pitch. Far from it in fact, I would like to see my team contribute and help. I believe that keeping skills up to date and learning new elements of Frontend development is key to our success as a team SO I will be asking them to make it a frequent, if not daily occurrence to come here and help.

They will adhere by the rules of the forum of course, there'll be no selling or marketing or any such annoyances. I purely want the team to come here to read posts and offer help wherever they can to keep their skills sharp and their knowledge up to date.

I trust this isn't an issue and if you have any issues either with the advice they've given or anything they've said I urge you to PM me. However, hopefully this will be mutually beneficial as my intention here is to give and not to receive.

Thank you for your understanding,


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Hi John, I'm glad you are

Hi John,
I'm glad you are doing well.

Your team is most welcome.
I hope they learn and share lots of ideas.