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Ive been learning about webdesign for a while, and now i now how to make some basic sites with some Js and stuff i would like to test them on a real domain. Ive heard that this site :http://www.joynic.com/ actually provides free domain names, but with a .us.tt domain. Is this site trustworthy? Has any of you guys experience with it? It is supposed to be fully free. And can i remove the site and domain afterwards?


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Many hosting services offer

Many hosting services offer free domain registry (.com and .net included) with your hosting plan and you can buy them for a few dollars a month. A free domain name is useless without a host.

what I do is purchase reseller space from greengeeks, which is more expensive but not very much, and I offer web hosting services as a companion package to my design services. Then I register my domains at godaddy and point them to my hosting servers. It's not hard to do and is not expensive at all.

you can buy a .info site for 85 cents right now.