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Hi All, this is my first post on this site Big smile

I am facing very strange issue with formatting of a page.Actually,when user user lands on the page, it displays a carousel with skills. (See img1)
If you see the image1 formatting goes for a toss. So what i did was i pressed F12(chrome dev tools) in order to investigate. The moment i press F12, the formatting issue gets fixed automatically.See the image img2 after pressing F12 and you can see it is formatted now.

I am not really sure how can i fix this issue (since the error disappears when i press F12). I want the second image(formatted one) to be displayed on page load.

I also thought if it has something to do with height of the browser window, but once the image is formatted, it always remains like that( i.e it doesnot go back to the original unformatted one even if i close F12 or resize browser window etc).

I have copied the code on plunker for your reference. (When you open the below link, please click on "know more about me" to take to the carousel page). Please suggest.


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Hi shenoyvnm, It may be the

Hi shenoyvnm,
It may be the JavaScript errors causing the problem.
When you inspect element the console opens.
Check to see if you have any console.log calls, they can cause problems when the console is disabled.