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Ok, so I'm using Wordpress, with a theme called GoodNews. There's a feature called NewsBox, that provides an image and a preview of an article, as seen here:
Full article: http://www.universaltheosophy.com/sacred-texts/bhaghavad-gita/bhagavad-gita-on-the-mind/

The preview of the article removes all formatting of the text from the original article, but what I'd like to do is override this to retain punctuation, paragraphs, etc..

What I need is to fill out the following section of my custom CSS:

.cat_article_content p {


Anyone with ideas? As you can tell, I'm a newbie to CSS, and am handcuffed by not having access to the HTML. Any help will be much appreciated!

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HI Jon, I can see why you are

HI Jon,
I can see why you are having problems with that. the full article has BR at the end of each line that are removed in the preview box.
Sorry I don't know enough about wordpress to be able to offer any suggestions.
Hopefully someone else will have a look at this and offer some suggestions.