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I am new to css. I have been working on a website that requires form mail to be included on the site. I already have the script and it works fine. My problem is that I don't know how to style it on the page. On the old site, I used tables and simply did the old side by side table data tags First Name: Last Name: so it would look like First Name:(Left side) Last Name: (Right Side) and so on.

I want to be able to place the form on the web page without having to use tables. I know this is simple for many of you. But for me, this is new territory so I am seeking any help I can get to get me started and pointed in the right direction.

Thank you

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What have you

What have you tried?
This forum requires a certain level of effort.
Show us your attempt and show us what you don't understand and we'll help.
But, we won't code it for you.

Lots of resources out there...

all ยป http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/all

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