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Hello all,
just when I thought IE6 and all its quirks was behind us I am faced with a very strange issue that can only be replicated in one version of IE8 that a client has... You'll find attached a layout with header, middle content area that stretches to fill remaining space (and has a background image that uses JQuery bgstretcher to fill its background with an image), and a footer that just stays at the bottom in IE7, IE8 and FF. Problem is, that in a client's PC with Explorer 8 that same footer is not a small stripe but it goes way up into the content area and takes up 1/3 of the screen space at the bottom. I can't replicate this in any of my IE7s or IE8s I looked around and I'm going mad. Is there something in the CSS that I could maybe take out or change or does someone know of any IE8 bug? Thanks.

All html + css is here (208K):