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This is a bit of a rookie question, but I've already searched up and down the web, w3schools, forums, etc. with no avail to answering my question.

So here is the issue.

I would like the footer div to be visible, but I don't want it to be position:fixed; to the end of the browser. I simply want it to be so that when you look down, the BG fills whatever space is left on the page - without scrolling.

Also, I would like the main content div box to expand perfectly whenever content is added - pushing down the footer (which should remain at min-height: 40px;), but maintaining some padded/margined space between the footer and main content div box (at least min-height: 20px;)

I've provided the website rough so you guys can see where I'm falling clueless.



And here is the website itself, so you can peek at the code.