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Hi at all,
I have a weird Problem, would be so thankful to get some help.
I have a extreme simple example of Using the Font Courier New:

<div style="font-family: 'Courier New'; font-size: 10px;">This text should be in a nice, Layout.<br>No idea, where the problem is.</div>

On Mac Safari it looks nice, but on actual Firefox on a Windows it looks ugly. See the difference, right is Safari, left is Firefox

Has anyone an idea?
Would be really thankful, no idea how to fix it.
Tried different Computers and different browsers, doesn't seem to be a problem of one computer.
I also tried die implement die fonts in the Website. The font was installed on all computers, that I used for testing.


PS: Sorry for bad english skills

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I'm no font person

I run Linux, so take this with a grain of salt regarding the fonts. Try courier instead of courier new. My Firefox doesn't seem to like courier new at all. I have also noticed that Firefox provides more space around monospaced glyphs than Chrome, for example, making the apparent font size smaller. Using courier works equally on both Chrome and Firefox.

It would help if you would not use such a tiny font size. 10px is equivalent to 7.5pt, or agate. That's too damned small for anything other than the fine print on a contract.


If your web page is as clever as you can make it, it's probably too clever for you to debug or maintain.