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I have been researching this question for a while, with no luck in finding a solution.

I have a script that dynamically creates an invoice or quote based on information stored in my database. There is a "Terms and Conditions" box that appears directly under the "Total" on the document.

I would like to have the "Terms and Conditions" box appear at the very bottom of the page and, if there end up being two or more pages, have the "Terms and Conditions" appear only at the bottom of the last page.

In addition, I would like to add a company header and footer that DOES appear at the very bottom and top of every page.

The layout is okay now when viewing it on screen, but the header and footer need to be added so that each page (when printed) contains the client and business details. There is a separate print.css stylesheet that I used to create a signature line that is hidden on the screen view but displays on the print version.

I could use some suggestions or advice on what to add to the print.css stylesheet to obtain my desired results.



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please send us the css and

please send us the css and html page code. it will help us.