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i'm relatively new to putting web sites together, and I've come across a few problems I may need a bit of guidance on, if anyone can be kind enough to help.

I've just started putting a site together for a friend, it is

obviously i'm right at the start of the project, but my problem is this:

the image that is being used is in a fixed position. as I have a div just above, the 'you're in safe hands div', it is cutting off of the top of the image. I understand why this is happening by default but I wonder if the image can be moved down to see the top of the picture from the outset.

also, when resizing, the left hand side of the image is getting pushed out. is there any way to keep the image completely centred?

also, when I look at the site on a phone, the toggle button kicks in as per expected, but when I turn the phone on its' side, the menu items re-appear and get mixed up.

can anyone help?