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Well this is my first real try at building a site from concept to completion. I have played around and modified templates etc. but this I started on a blank file.

I had to search and piece together and try to do what I wanted. I tried to go with as much css as I could. I have viewed the site in the most current versions of: FF/win/mac, Chrome/win/mac, IE/win, Safari/win/mac/mobile. I am happy with the way it looks most of the time. I did the best I could to have it work in smaller resolutions but when it gets below 1024 things start to look a bit strange Smile

I validated the html and the css, neither validated. The validation errors are from outside inclusions like. google +1 and some api calls. Fixing these errors is way over my head and I have a feeling that it is not effecting to much.

I have a feeling I have wonky css going on but it is the best I can do at the moment.

I would appreciate any comments or suggestions that you may have.