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Hi all. I used a greasemonkey userscript to increase the size of the chatbox in facebook so that it is 900 pixels tall. Since a fb update the code is now broken and I tried fiddling with the code myself with the help of the DOM inspector tool. It almost worked but it changed the size of the wrong things in the chat box. Here is the code and the DOM inspector related codes that I found.

DOM (these are possibly not the exact right ones)

##.uiContextualLayerParent.fbDockChatTabFlyout.fbNubFlyout > .fbNubFlyoutOuter > .fbNubFlyoutInner


// ==UserScript==
// @name           Big Facebook Chat by Raphahxb
// @namespace	   <a href="
//" rel="nofollow">
//</a> @editor         Raphahxb (xbox)
// @description    Increase the chat box size!
// @version	   1.0.2
// ==/UserScript==
// CSS to increase chat box size
addStyle( '.fbDockChatTabFlyout {width:500px!important;height:340px!important;} ');
addStyle( 'div.conversationContainer { height:500px!important;} ');
// Function to add style
function addStyle(css) {
	if (typeof GM_addStyle !== 'undefined') { 
		return GM_addStyle(css); 
	else if (heads = document.getElementsByTagName('head')) {
		var style = document.createElement('style');
		try { style.innerHTML = css; }
		catch(x) { style.innerText = css; }
		style.type = 'text/css';