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Hello folks,

On my article pages there is a facebook like and twitter button hard coded into the theme. I have set a zoom: 80% in #body in the CSS. This is causing both social buttons and the facebook flyout to get cut off pretty bad. I have tried adding some overflow: visibles both in browser with Firebug Lite and in Style.css, no luck yet. Here are some screenshots to give you an idea of what i'm talking about.

The Clipping

View from Firebug Lite for Chrome

The code in loop-single.php

I did some googling and this seems to be a fairly common problem with no single solution. I did notice you could edit the height of the social buttons in browser with Firebug once they've been rendered, but how do you mark the changes admin side?

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but how do you mark the

but how do you mark the changes admin side?

Erm edit the stylesheet?

What's this zoom:80%? zoom is a proprietary MS IE property, you shouldn't be using it really.

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