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howdy all,

So I have been dabbling in CSS for a while and can edit and attempt to write some here and there, but I am completely STUCK on how to do this one thing!

If you go over to then you will see how the repeating image behind the text does not extend to the bottom of the browser, additionally I would like the text in the separate div stating the copyright info to stick to the bottom of the repeating background image so that it is at the bottom of the browser too.

So right now in order for the copyright info and the repeating image behind the text to go to the bottom of the page one has to hit return quite a few times so that it will go off the page on a majority of browsers, but it BOTHERS ME that one has to add the returns as it looks bad to the client that i can't figure this out and it also BOTHERS ME that some browsers will still see an ugly cut off and I can't guarantee anything to my client without lying to them.

Please help!



PS the file is a zip but i had to change the format in order to upload, just change the ending back to .zip and extract you will see the WHOLE SITE.

csscreator.jpg1.03 MB