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I have about 20 thumbnail jpg images on my website that I want to be enlarged when a viewer clicks on the thumbnail.
I need the large images to be quite big, enough that the user can read text on it easily.
My question is how to go about it if I dont want to have so many large jpg images on my site, since it will really slow it down.
I dont know javascript, but is there a simple javascript that I can do this with, without having to have the large images on my website? Or maybe a different file format instead of jpgs that isnt as heavy?
I dont want it to be a link to a pdf doc, since I dont want to make the user have to download a pdf viewer if they dont have one. I also dont want to make the thumbnails be a link to a webpage that I will have to code, even though I know that then it can be as big as I want, because I dont want to spend all that time on it.
Any suggestions? Is there maybe a site that can host my images for me, and then I just link the images to that site?