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Thanks for reading this and taking time to help,as title mentions iam trying to embed vimeo or any other player inside a fullscreen design for portfolio that has a frame for video,which will or should be placed there in place of the box.

Is this possible and stays responsive?thanks in advance.

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It might be possible that

It might be possible that this wordpress plugin can help you in this respect. WPtouch is one of the best wordpress plugin to make the website responsive which is most necessary for ranking in google as well as most of our customers are also prefer to surf the internet from mobile or tablet type media devices. That's why it is necessary for all the website. Nowadays, designers design responsive themes especially for Wordpress CMS. I am also running a website which is designed by Wordpress site Design worksole.com/wordpress-website-development. The website is completely responsive. Anyways, i don't much know about programming but i try. I also don't know that it is helpful or not.