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Hi All,

I am improving a content management system which I have designed over the years so that the "edit section" buttons on the various sections of the site are less obtrusive.

only block level elements (divs) are going to be editable, and the way it works the eidtor pops up in a second window and makes live changes to the content in the main page.

what I'd like to do is, if a region is CMS editable, add position:relative to its styling and then position the edit button as a small, perhaps semi-transparent button in the upper right corner. This way it doesn't push content out of the way or get in the way at all.

I know that this position:relative addition would take over absolutely positioned divs directly below it in the descendancy (if say there was a position:relative div above this that the absolutely positioned div was depending on)

but other than that is there effect that position:relative will have on the document? this is something I do not know.


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