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Dear Hi:

I was created menu with drop down in css but the drop down menu css are not working so can any body help me ? I'm very thankful to him....
I have attached the files can anyone correct it so line commented and email me my personal mail:
[email address redacted]

//mod edit: I've removed the email addy for two reasons. First, posting your email addy is just begging for email scraper bot operators to sell it to every obnoxious spammer in existence. Second, a forum like ours has as its purpose the sharing of information and methods. Suggesting that members use email or PMs to help you is counter to our purpose. ~gt/mod

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Here is an example of a

Here is an example of a working CSS drop down menu, Drop down with CSS
You can style your own menu in this very same CSS.

Hope this helps you.
If not, could you post your website, so we can take a look at your CSS.

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