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Hey Everybody,

I am attempting to change my current homepage (worpress) from a splash page to a default page, and it isnt rendering the default layout. I've drafted a new page and used the "default template" and previewed and it works fine.

I'm going to leave it how it it and hopefully someone could help.

***I tried reading about links and what not so I hope this doesnt suspend me or ban me but my companies homepage is http://www.internationalrec.com

PS I really appreciate the help.

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Need a little more info

What should the page look like? Which stylesheet controls the default page? Have you cleared your cache? Some browser hold on to their cache tenaciously.

Suggestion: Get rid of all those IE conditional comments. IE8 is reasonably compliant and beyond needing a javascript to help with html5 elements, is OK with anything modern browsers use. IE<8 should not be bothered with unless you have a client willing to rain $$$ for messing with obsolete browsers. (IE8 will soon be obsoleted by IE10.)



If your web page is as clever as you can make it, it's probably too clever for you to debug or maintain.