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Hi everybody . . . this is my first post, I am about as new as you can get to CSS, very much feeling my way! I have just found this site in the hope of learning more.

I have a website (Wordpress, Penscratch 2 theme) that I built myself and I am still tweaking it with custom CSS to try and get it looking like I want.

I recently changed the font on the site from Open Sans 300 to Open Sans 400 to make it more legible. The site description I changed by ccs as I could not find any other way of doing it. While this has worked on the desktop version fine, on the tablet and mobile versions of the site description remains in Open Sans 300 and also grey rather than black. Does anybody know a way of fixing this? Below is the CSS I have used that is working on the desktop version.

.site-description {
font-size: 18px;
font-weight: 400;

Website is here:

Thank you in advance.