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Please can you help recommend what I need to do to speed up the load time of my index page (www.little-giggles.co.uk). It take 14 seconds to load...but then the site operates at a fast speed...suggesting that there may be an issue with the CSS component? I would welcome your thoughts/suggestions?


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Nope, not file size or other

Nope, not file size or other page related stuff. It appears to be server response time or network latency. Do you have a bunch of server-side scripting going on? (not that the page appears so)

Have you asked your hosting provider?

//edit: Ping times are reasonable. Using wget, connection was made quickly enough, request was sent and the wait began. I think network latency can be provisionally ruled out. That leaves the server/scripting response time. Being a Linux/Apache fanboy Wink I'll blame it all on a Windows machine running IIS/7.5. --gt



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Moving this to 'Off Topic' as

Moving this to 'Off Topic' as it has little to do with CSS or frontend code being a server related issue.

CSS is not the issue here, get requests are separate, the styles are only requested after the main page request has been acknowledged and it's that that is taking the 13 secs to respond. Last time I experienced this it was tracked down to a function performing a DB query that was running before page compilation, in this instance the page looks relatively simple so must be server related. If you are hosted contact tech support and ask if they can look into it.

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