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Hello, I hope someone can help.

I've probably made a huge mess out of my code but I've been using Wordpress and Artisteer on my site and I wanted to make a secondary navigation bar above my content and I did this, pretty successfully. BUT I basically had to rig it to look right but when viewed on different browsers and on phones the bar moves around.

I'm trying to fix the orange bar on my site, I've tried doing the normal margin number changes in the style sheet and nothing really worked until I plugged in a percentage and changed it to absolute positioning but like I said it moves around and I would really like it to stay in one spot no matter what source you're viewing it from. I hope someone can please help me!

Also, I know I've probably done something wrong but the orange nav bar only displays the pages I've numbered in the correct order and marked "show in menu" even though I've assigned a menu to secondary menu in my Appearances tab. That's not a big deal, I'll live and I can make it work, more importantly is the issue above.

Thank you to anyone who can help!

(OK, another one. I've previewed the orange nav menu in all my browsers and it looks fine EXCEPT Firefox, is that something I did wrong? Is that everyone or just my computer? I refreshed my cookies countless times and it still won't come away from the side of the page. At least IE, Chrome and Safari it looks correct right now even though the CSS is probably wrong.)