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I have a web site I'm working on at www.scoutmodels.com.

I have a CSS menu at the top of each page.

When I view the webpage on a computer, when I go to Apply Now! button, the form and CSS menu stay the same as other pages. But when I visit on mobile the CSS menu and form collapses to fit the screen of the mobile.

How do I stop this so the Apply Now! page looks the same on both a laptop and a phone.

Thanks for any help. Feel free to download the CSS files and other files to help.

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How old is that code?

I don't see any media queries, though they may be buried in the embedded javascript. I believe phones, etc. are scaling the page, i.e. shrinking the page as a whole. Responsive media queries will reformat the page as instructed. See Jason Knight's essay on responsive layouts. The responsive stuff is towards the end. Read the whole essay for really good practices.


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