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Very new to CSS but working away at something at the minute. I've an HTML document with custom markup and the list types are giving me grief. There are two types:

<list type="simple"><item> cxxxxxx</item></list>


<list type="numbered"><item> cxxxxxx</item></list>

Other than the attribute there is no difference in the HTML doc but the numbered list should show as an ol would, with the simple being ul. I thought to substituting in the file to swap the simple for <ul> and numbered for <ol> but I wouldn't be able to get the closing tags correct.

So I'm hoping CSS can come to my rescue. Any clever ideas on how to tackle this? THanks in advance.

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I have no idea what you are

I have no idea what you are after. Please restate the question.

If you can change to <ul> or <ol> why can't you change the closing tags as well?

Regardless, you should be able to target the list[type=numbered] with list-style-type, counter-reset and counter-increment.