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Hi fellows,
I've developed few years ago a website that doesn't have media queries for tablet/mobile layout.

Well, this website have more then 500 pages.

So, my client ask me to convert only the front page and few more pages to fit mobile layout.

My question is, what CSS or HTML should I write On the pages that doesn't have mobile layout, that will refer automatically every one who's browsing this page to the mobile layout only when there is one.?
Thanks ahead,
Amir Cohen, Buffalo NY.

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you do not

you don't explicitly write css to "not work" on a layout , instead you start writing styles on how you'd like your design to be on a destop and then simultaniously or once your done writing the styles for the desktop , you write styles for how you'd like you website to work on mobile or tablets .

BTW , are you going to write media queries for specific devices ? (this is not recommended)