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I have for you a very urgent request. I will be grateful for your help.

Namely, I want to format the skeleton using css. I sat on it a long time and I tried to do this using CSS, and something did not go.

"body" - to be stretched to the full browser window horizontally and vertically

div "background" - to be stretched to the full browser window horizontally and vertically

div "page" - that was inside the "background" and was in the middle and the height and width of the browser window 1000px

inner diva "page" were three columns: the first "leftbar" width 120/2 "content" 810 and the third "rightbar" 70 and height to be 100% of the browser window

then inside diva "content" (which is the whole content of the - the whole width) would do background in 4 lines what looks like 3 to simulate the 270px column which gives the entire width of the content, do not want it to be some background (picture of line) just a line or just another inner diva with respective side borderami
and of these three columns I would like to experience the full width of page content

I attach a picture preview image yet

In summary:
I mean that the minimum height of the shortest of all div'ów was the height of the browser window, and if there is more content in div'ie "content" I would like for all dynamically expanded (it has just caused me problems)

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try holygrail css layout

If your design is fixed width, then you can try & set a 1px background image to body & repeat vertical, which will simulate this effect other wise you may try this little complex layout Technic

Holy Grail CSS layouts