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Hello everyone. I have been struggling with a new site design for a couple of weeks now. My code is a mess, and my brain hurts. I am not a pro, I think I just know enough to eventually get things the way I want them.

Instead of posting my code witch is a huge cluster of a mess. I am going to post an image of what I was actually able to accomplish (when it was working). I need to know the correct way of doing what is in that picture. See I get it all correct and looking the way I want, but as soon as I ad more content It all goes wacky on me. Things don't align. next thing you know your using top: -2000px; to get your divs on the right to go into the correct spot. Please help.

So the header on the site works fine. It is in its own container, and sits at the top nicely and never moves or goes wacky. Its everything below the navigation menu that goes crazy on me probably because I am not positioning them correctly in the css.

I basically need to know the correct way to make multiple content boxes on the left and right side. They are not all going to be the same size. Whenever I add another box on the left or right side I don't want to have to struggle to get everything else aligned properly again. They should be in a container div so I can center the whole thing into the middle of the page.

The image.

Hope you could understand.