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Hi there,

I'm having some serious issues with my CSS - but strangely this seems to be happening in IE8 only.

The menu of my website uses CSS divs and spans to give the 'hover' over effect (where the image changes when you hover over it). Two of the images that make up my menu are being pushed down, and I just can't figure out why. The image sizes are fine, and the code 'appears' to be ok...might this be a browser issue or my code?

I was hoping that a CSS guru out there might be able to help me and shed some light on this issue.

As I mentioned earlier - this only seems to happen in IE8 - from what I can tell, it seems to work perfectly in IE7 (weird!).

Many thanks in advance!!!

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Wow, you've got a severe case

Wow, you've got a severe case of divitis going on there. You've also got big problems with text in images not actually appearing in your code which is bad for a) people with images turned off, b) people who listen to your page rather than read it with their eyes and c) search engines.

Here's a couple of articles I wrote that contain techniques which would both be better than what you have currently:

http://www.tyssendesign.com.au/articles/css/single-image-replacement-rollovers-with-suckerfish-dropdowns/ (this one talks about dropdowns too but you can just ignore that part)

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