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I have a html page with 12 thumbnails (spliced photoshop) within a table (Table_01) within a div and when you hover over one of the thumbs a new image pops up.

At the moment when you hover over the "Ice white" thumb (this is the one I'm testing with at the moment) the new image pops up at the top of the page.

This is no good. It needs to pop up exactly to the right of the div which Table_01 is contained in (preferably top of pop up image flush with top of div and left side of pop up image touching right side of div if that makes sense). CSS is within head of source code near the end. It's not the best written webpage and is very messily coded but this bit should be easy to weed out and identify a solution hopefully. Any help greatly appreciated.



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Hi Peter, It should just be a

Hi Peter,
It should just be a matter of positioning one of the parents of the popup element relative.
The way positioning works is an positioned element will be positioned from the top left corner of the first positioned parent or the page.