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Hello, I need your help with this hard task. I need to remove from this circle four stripes/lines. Only I can do is the cirlce.
[.circle {
width: 300px;
height: 300px;
background: black;
border-radius: 150px;

I need something like this, but with straight lines:
picture here
THANKS ... I hope it is possible. Sad( Sad( Sad(

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I don't understand your objective. Your circle seems to be created by rounding the borders, which is ok, but what is its content? Just four black lines? If so, open up your image manipulation program and create it.

If the circle will have actual content, make a square image of alternating black and transparent lines and use it as background in the circle. Use the background-size property to fit.

This sounds like a homework assignment to me; one that is good only as an academic exercise, having no real world value.

If there is more to it, let us know.


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