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Hi folks,
I'm playing with a the default forum in the Typo3 cms. Because of the way the cms works, it's possible (at least theoretically!) to customize all of the output. Since the forum is relatively simple, I was thinking of trying out a tableless layout. Here's what I was wondering:

Do people think it would be possible to dispense with tables?
If so, would it be crazy to do without them (I mean except for tabular data, of course - but I can't help but thinking that much of what is presented in a forum is tabular data...).
Can anyone suggest general structure that might be usable as a forum in an older browser?
My thinking on this has not progressed very far; the best I've come up with in my idle musings is (for the main view of a forum's posts) rows of divs, each with a couple of smaller elements inside. But it also occurred to me that, if a forum is semantically not a tabular structure, then what it must be is a list...

I guess that is my real question: what are the various parts of a forum semantically? Does anyone have any thoughts on this, or am I nuts?