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This may seem like an obvious question but it is seriously bugging me at the moment.

I am trying to create a fluid header using css but it has 5 pictures involved instead of 3. I can get 3 and even four pictures to work as a fluid header but the 5th causes problems.

The layout for them is:

Fixed Image Spacer Fixed Image (centered) Spacer Fixed Image

For some reason, the first spacer causes the pictures to go to the line below the header.

I cant overlap the pictures as it affects the drop shadow I have created so I need them to sit side by side.

Unfortunately I dont have the code to post as I am at work but if you need the code I can send it all to you.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Of course we need the code or

Of course we need the code or better yet, a link.

all ยป http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/all

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