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As I am a web designer. And CSS is one of the trades I market. It is important to have effective Flash integration and obtain the "green light" validation for the CSS and XHTML.

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I originally had been using the standard embed method. I would build what I would deem to my standards as solid code with valid CSS and HTML and get the green light.

Upon embed of the Flash then validation would not pass. I follow the associated article about how to write the code according to compliancy standards and have moved forward with it and things are validating.

Upon testing of cross browser effects of this method. I see some undesirables in IE in terms of how it loads vs the embed method. Which I realize is not valid.

Based only upon failing compliance standards in that one area. If the cross platform test results and Flash rendering are more desirable using the invalid embed method. At what point in time do you make an educated decision to knowingly go against compliancy standards if it produces what I would consider a better cross browser rendering of the work?

I need to show I can write valid CSS obviously to clients and such. But I also find some of the flash workarounds to be an irritation that seem to me to compromise the integrity of the work for the sake of a "green light". I could be wrong. In IE. Instead of the standard immediate "Loading" that has been specifically scripted and written to be out front does not appear. And what I am seeing is white boxes until the entire presentation loads as opposed to embed which does not seem to change the timeline and AS rendering.

What are your thoughts?