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Hey Everyone,
Im new here and i really need some help. Im styling a site at the moment and im having problems with how the color displays in different browsers. I have styled the whole thing on Safari but went over to IE8 just to have a look the colors dont match. Here is a screen shot of the header.


What you see here is an image i made on top of the background color.

I dont even know how it looks on FireFox.
Is there some magic CSS trick to fix this issue?

Thanks for reading.

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It's not a CSS issue

If the image happens to be a JPG file then you may want to change to GIF or PNG. JPG uses lossy compression which means you lose information in the compression. Some of that can be color information. You can't depend on color matching when using JPG.

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Color profile mismatch? is

Color profile mismatch? is one browser running color profiles the other not? Does IE still have issues with png format color matching?

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