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I am using a wordpress template, where whichever form plugin I use the form layout is from right to left instead of left to right.
Eg: if the form is "supposed to" read:
Name :-----------

"it appears":

It looks like a template issue cos, if I change the template it works fine on the new template. but I need to be using this particular template. I am a non programer so please guide me step by step on which code to change and the destination.

Thanks a lot for helping out.

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We can't help as you provide

We can't help as you provide no detail whatsoever to work from, I would suggest you contact the theme author for help in this matter, that should be your first port of call really.

Failing help from the author you are going to have to laern how to identify the rulesets and how to change them, you'll need to start with a tool such as Firebug for firefox to allow you to examine the page and identify the rulesets that need changing.

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