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I have only been using CSS3 for a few months but have a problem I cannot find out about anywhere; does anyone know here.

I am targeting several div`s in my web who's class name end with -modal and the selector used is -
div[class$="-modal"] { properties }
which works perfectly.

I am attempting to target a group of div`s who's class name end with -window and the selector used is -
div[class$="-window"] { properties }
but I cannot seem to get this to work

If I select using
.one-window, .two-window, .three-window { properties }
this works fine but I cannot understand why the previous one does not.

I have been looking for a solution for about three days now can anyone help?

I wondered if it was because of the word window in the selector.

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I don't see an error

Can you link to the page? There may be something too subtle to catch without the full context. Also, have you validated the css?



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