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We're implementing CSS scrollbars on our website, and they're working fine with all browsers apart the older versions of IE (like IE8). We cannot get IE to process the same CSS/JS rules in order to obtain the same output. As we've noticed that some websites have managed to make explorer display the custom bars instead of the standards, I would like to know if someone has a pice of code to share that make the CSS bars appear exactly the same way independently from the browser that the client is using.

Thanks in advance!

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Good luck with that. It's not

Good luck with that.
It's not only browsers you have to concern yourself with as it is the OS that determines the default scrollbar display.

In the old days, IE was the only browser to support some form of overriding those styles with proprietary rules.

I think if you are going to do it these days you would be best looking into one of the JavaScript libraries such as http://jqueryui.com/ to see if they do anything