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hi.. i definetly need someone who would wake me up and tell me to stop making a website cause i know i can't..well i never had built a website before though im eager to learn i think it will still take lots of time for me to get the computer language. i tried creating a site and now i'm completely lost. I mean there are tutorials but still its hard to manage. I need some experts comment on how i can improve the site. I hope someone even one could help me. Need some advice. here's the link to my site http://nosebleed.socialgo.com/ i'm still thinking of a domain name so i can register that but for now that's all i can think..please help.

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This isn't a website you

This isn't a website you built. This is an account you setup with some type of social networking site. Not much you can change with the code, since it isn't your site.

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