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Hi! I'm trying to convert some tables to CSS and struggling.

My layout has a cell 350 x 149 with a graphic, followed by a cell that expands to fill the remaining screen width. In that cell are six buttons. It looks like this:


{table width=100% height=149px}
{td width=350px height=149px id=background} [where the id styles the graphic]
{td width=100% height=35px style="margin-top:42px;"} [To bring my buttons down where I like the look of them]

{table width=100% height=35px>
{td width=135px id=redbutton"}button text{/td}
{td width=135px id=yellowbutton"}button text{/td}
{td width=135px id=bluebutton"}button text{/td}
{td width=135px id=purplebutton"}button text{/td}
{td width=135px id=greenbutton"}button text{/td}
{td width=135px id=turquoisebutton"}button text{/td}

[In the td's above, the ids simply format the buttons. With a modern browser, the buttons expand across the screen and with older (1024 width) the buttons are "fatter", which I can live with]


I cannot figure out how to use CSS to do the layout. I can manage to place the graphic, but not the buttons.

If anybody is able and willing to convert that to a css structure, I sure would appreciate it. Thanks!

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Hi The header is set in an h1


The header is set in an h1 HTML tag.Changing the header image of the Default WP Theme has been simplified with the utility called Kubrickr.If all you want to change is the header image, this is an extremely useful and easy tool.



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