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Hi Guys,

When a submenu is clicked from website say for eg Graphics, the 1st time this menu is positioned correctly from my css, but the 2nd click of this menu or another menu on the same page shifts the next menu below the original (1st) position. This feature has been working for months which I implemented in my css.
Yesterday I wanted to adjust “Other Service Solutions” in other page Services because there was too much space between this header and submenu (Virtual Private Network – vpn) on this page, so I was tweaking the tags on this menu and css, to make vpn submenu work accordingly. I realize that the shift down of content has occurring so I reverted back to css state prior to updating this menu, but I still got the same issue. The code to move anchor down below fixed top header menu is consistent through out these 2 pages (Products and Services).

I don’t have this issue in Chrome, but I do have issue in FF, IE and Edge. I have same CSS specific/configured to different browsers because of their different behaviors, which didn’t have any issue for months. I didn’t have any css for Chrome, because I didn’t have any issue with this browser. Consequently, I added an extra break tag in between previous content and next subheadings so that content is not shown from previous subheading when a subheading is clicked. This is a temporary workaround to compensate and make the subheading show at the top of screen below the header, without showing the last part of previous subheading content.

I have searched this forum and debugged the issue and didn’t find a solution to this problem. I also tried other css alternative but still got the same results. I even disabled my css code and that didn’t remove the issue. Have anyone else experienced this problem and fixed this issue or does anyone here knows a solution on how to fix this issue?

Thanks in advance for your help Cool .