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Hi, On my site I have lots of images going down the center of the page. I was having problems with the width of the images. So I added #content img { width: 550px; }

That fixed the problem. But caused another problem.. Now my captcha is huge (550px Wide) and other little images like the email img ect..

What I want to be able to do is still have that "#content img { width: 550px; }" Because that works perfect for the site. But to also have my captcha images ect stay at there normal size.

How can I make this happen?


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Find a parent element closer

Find a parent element closer to the img element, #content suggests too broad an ancestral element. If this is WP then try .post img or .entry etc if the captcha is within those bounds then you'll have to try re-setting the captcha img using it's classes if it has them.

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