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Hi guys, another amazing footer-div-madness thread! I apologize in advance.

Everything was going fantastic until I ran into sticky footer issues. Once I solved those, It's now an issue of making my simple #content div stretch to meet the footer every time. I mean, 60% of the time it works, but I'm at 1900x1200 and I don't think my "< /br>"solution is very cross-browser friendly, nor very intelligent.

I think i've just read too many tutorials on sticky footers that either my positioning settings are way off, or my HTML structure is helter-skelter.
In any event, my client is very demanding, and I'd like to resolve this issue ASAP.

TL;DR: The #content div will not stretch to meet the footer. This problem is less about sticky footers than it is a general main content quandry.

Here's the HTML: - forgot to edit out all the rollover code, whoops
Here's the CSS:

and the site in question:

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