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This problem has been aggravating me for quite some time and I'm sure it is something simple. My site displays just fine on all browsers EXCEPT IE8. While loading, the content appears for a split second and then disappears. All that is left is the header and background colors.

My site is http://test.redwoodcountrysigns.com/. I have put it through CSS validators and fixed all the problems and it still is messing up. Is there a well-known bug with this browser? I am also using a modified twenty-ten theme if that makes any difference. Thanks for checking it out for me.


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Hi dreed75, Best thing to do

Hi dreed75,
Best thing to do in this situation is divide and conquer as explained in Debugging CSS problems make sure you apply that technique to the JavaScript and Markup as well.
You have a JavaScript Console log message showing which can cause issues with IE, but it looks like the script checks first.
Try turning off JavaScript and see if it loads.